The Mega Megalithic Aughnacliffe Dolmen

It would appear that even our stone age predecessors struggled with IKEA flat pack instructions. From its considerable rear end, the impressive Aughnacliffe Dolmen appears to have a piece left over #stoneageproblems


Are you sure that piece goes there?

Walk around to the right a little and it doesn’t quite look like our stone age brethren stuck a spare stone on the top. Now it looks like a dog.


Walk a little further to the right and the full side profile more of an impression of what they where up to 5000 YEARS AGO!


Its a unique design. A traditional dolmen would  have 3 legs covered by a large cap stone.

This nuevo risque design has a cap stone on a cap stone. Probably because they realised the first cap stone was too small to bridge the cap from the two rear standing stones to the front standing stone.

An Irish solution to an Irish problem. Why waste energy taking the first stone down?  Just throw a bigger stone on top. No one will notice.


Surprisingly given its size, its not easily found. Its in a shallow, two fields in from the nearest road. It was probably on a hill top but sank it when they threw the second cap stone on top.

Its found in Aughnacliffe in County Longford. A small sign saying Dolmen will point you up a lane into muddy field. I wandered into a corner and actually used Google Maps to spot an object in an adjacent field. Heading to the opposite side of the initial field you’ll find a small wooden double gate.


Pass through the gate and ta-da! (Its there in the middle)


Its worth the effort as its stands over 2m high. From a distance it can get dwarfed by the over grown surrounding landscape.


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