Games of Thrones Locations

Spoiler alert: They use CGI. A lot of CGI.

Below are some of the locations in Northern Ireland featured in HBO’s fantastic Game of Thrones which is filmed out of the Titanic studios in Belfast. Google Map at the very bottom with everything but here are some highlights:

The Dark Hedges: The Road to Kings Landing

Also known as the busy hedges, get there early to get a photo that’s not full of other tourists wandering into your picture like a scene from the Walking Dead rather than Game of Thrones. Although a ghost called the Grey Lady , either the spirit of the daughter or one of the maids from the original house, wanders the road so be nice to anyone in your shot.

The Grey Lady (center)

This atmospheric avenue of intertwining beech trees is along a short section of Bregagh Road, approx 21km inland from the Giants Causeway near the village of Armoy. The 150 trees were planted in 1775 by one James Stuart (not the actor) as an entrance drive to his new house ‘Gracehill’; named after his wife who’s first name was either Grace or Hill.

Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 1

Castle Ward: Winterfell

Castle Ward is a large 18th Century stately home on the banks of Strangford Lough, in County Down and sitting on a 820 acre walled demesne. Its been the home of the Ward family since the 16th century with the current mansion built in the 1770s.

This is not what you are looking for

For Games of Thrones fans the interesting part is around the back. The Georgian farmyard is walled with a Tower House and features as the Winterfell Yard.

This is what you are looking for

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1 – Compare the arches

Audleys Castle: Rob Starks camp

Only a few minutes away from Winterfell is Robb Starks camp in season 1 & 2. A serious home bird.


This three story Tower house was built in the 15th Century but named after its 16th century owner, John Audley. On the site you’ll see an outline of a wall to protect the yard also called the bawn.

Architecturally the tower has a pair of turrets facing the lake with an large arched machicolation with an opening so big John could have dropped a cow on to his enemies head if he was so inclined. There is no evidence he was.

In Game of Thrones Robbs camp is in the large field off to the left as you walk up the access path.



Game of Thrones Season 2

Inch Abbey: Rob Starks camp at Riverrun

Just outside Downpatrick, where Irelands patron saint and all the snakes are buried, you will find Inch abbey. This is only 8 miles from Castle Ward (WInterfell) so Robbs home bird tag still applies.


There has been a  monastery of sorts on the site since 800AD with beautiful views of the River Quoile. This unfortunately gave the Vikings beautiful views of the Abbey from the River Quoile. They raided in 1002 and 1149 #hindsight

The Gothic ruins are whats left of a Cistercian Abbey raised in 1177 and dissolved by 1541.

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 10 

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 10 – Lights in the Gothic Arches

Ballintoy Harbour: Theon’s return to the Iron Islands

Theons returns to the Iron Island at Lordsport in the Isle of Pyke is at Ballintoy Harbour in the North Coast. Its also where he first meets his sister #awkward. If you don’t know what I mean Google it.

This is picturesque harbour is only 2 miles from the  Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge, one of the highlights of the Northern Coast. Its also where Euron kills Balon Greyjoy.

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2



Other Spots included on the map below!

  • Mussenden Temple – Dragonstone Beach

  • The Wall – Magheramorne Quarry

  • Caves of Cushendun – Melisandre shadow birth
  • Portstewart Strand – Jamie and Bronn arriving at Dorne
  • Tollymore Forest Park – Where the Stark Dire wolfs are found.
  • Fair Head Cliffs where Jon Snow finally meet Daenerys (cliffs in background)

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